Gun Holster Making Advice?

52 Ford

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When I was in my teens, when I first started leather work (15?), I made a lot of knife sheaths, gun slings, belt-tool-holder-thingies (to hold tools like hammers on my belt) I also made a few holsters for myself and one of my friends. Wet formed holsters specifically. I'd wrap the gun in plastic and wet form around the actual gun. If you're making a custom holster for a customers firearm, how do you go about that? Borrow the gun? Buy a rubber training pistol to use as a buck?

What just occurred to me is that I can scan a pistol with my phone and it'll be converted into a 3D model (AutoDesk 3D Scanner app... not sure if it's still available), then 3D print a buck to form the leather.

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That would be neat. I've looked for a 3D stl file to print a G-43 for holster making but not found one. Many of the lower frame for printing a gun can be found, but not the total pistol to use for holster making. Please follow up with your results.
Every holster that I have made, I had the actual firearm. To be honest, I do not like making holsters and have been able to limit that number to three (3). Buying the blue gun seems a bit pricey to me for just a couple of holsters. You had better be fully committed to making holsters to start investing $50-$75 for each blue gun. It would not take too long to have a few thousand dollars invested in blue guns. Just my thoughts.

BTW: If you are interested in making holsters there are a couple of really good Facebook/Internet groups specifically aimed at holster making. Some of the best makers are associated with a couple of them.
Yep, those "blue" guns are expensive for sure. I've 3D printed a LCP that works pretty good. I found the file online and printed it myself, so it's not expensive to do it that way. 3D printing is what Ford is suggesting.
I just downloaded one of those 3D Scanner apps like the Autodesk one I mentioned(couldn't find that one). I'm going to scan a pistol an if the scan looks right, I'll put it in CAD, clean it up, and 3D print it on my friends printer. I'll be sure to post the results (when ever I get around to doing this). I THINK I'm going to scan my competition pellet pistol, actually. It has one of those fancy, super ergonomic grips, but the rest of the gun is mostly straight lines, so it should be a good test. It should show how the app sees the super curvy grip and how straight the lines on the reciever (break action pellet gun) end up in the model... plus I want a nice holster to put it in when I'm walking down to check the target.

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