Grandpa's Old knife.

Archer Moon

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My Wife's Grandpa showed me the knife he got from his grandpa. The knife seams to be real old. Brand is "Marbles" made in Gladstone Mign. The little finger guard is made of copper and is brazed on, followed by black spacer, copper spacer, red spacer, leather handle, red spacer, brass, black, and alum. butt cap that is bolted on with a brass nut (sorry forgot that pic.). Over all is 8 1/4", blade is 4 1/4".
I really like the way this is made. The style and feel is great. This is one I will be making.
I would like to get some history and a value on this knife.
Thanks, James Clair, Archer Moon.



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You have an old Marbles Woodcraft. I'm not up to speed on my Marbles knives enough to be able to estimate the age, but I know the pommels were made of different materials over the years. I believe stag were in the oldest variants (1920's), bakelite, and later aluminum. I think these models were made up until the 50's or 60's. As for value--check Ebay. In used condition like you have I think they typically bring $50-75, but one in excellent condition with stag and original sheath (I don't think your sheath is original) can bring 3X that.

They're very good knives. I've been told they were 52100 steel, flat ground with convex edges.

johnny warner

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Nice knife, the aluminum pommel was initially used, during the WWII era they used bakelite as aluminum was a precious commodity used for the war effort. I have one with the bakelite pommel and I with the stag handle and 52100 is the steel of choice they used. Thanks for showing and posting the history.