Glass Patten


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I’m considering getting a glass patten for my TW90. Any advise on where to purchase one?

Just choose the length required for your platen. These glass platens are hard to cut for shortening.

Just choose the length required for your platen. These glass platens are hard to cut for shortening.
I believe I scored and snapped mine. Been so long I'm not sure. But that's the way I've always handled glass.
You will not regret it. I like it better than regular steel platen. Some talk of static discharge issues but I have never experienced that with my set-up.
A long time ago, I think Anthony Self or another member did a how to on the installation. It was interesting as he created a little shelf for the glass to sit on. It might have been Bossdog. It may have been someone else, My memory is fading a bit and it was probably 10 years ago.
I welded a small shelf, about 1/8" x 1/4" on the bottom of my platen for the glass to sit on, and then used JB Weld to attach the glass platen.
The shelf is just insurance.
I have noticed some static discharge at times. If that happens I spray the belt and platen with a little Static Guard.
I bought my tempered glass at a local glass shop & attached it to a piece of 1/8 steel and welded on an upper clip to hold it in place. I'm confident that the JB weld epoxy will hold it in place.


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Mine is being shipped. Can’t wait to mount it and try it out. You guys have certainly given it very positive reviews.
I welded a little piece of 1/4" square bar to the bottom of my platen to give the glass a perch. I have punished the whole setup for at least two years with no problems. I even had an "incident" where a long knife blade I was working on found its way behind my top platen wheel, between it and the belt while it was running WAO. The belt snatched the knife from my hand (cutting me deeply) and slammed it across the glass platen taking a chunk out of it. After I got over the "what in the he%% just happened" feeling I was impressed the platen did not shatter because it took a really hard hit which also took a chunk out of the metal platen wheel.