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This is my first attempt at a WIP and I am not sure where pictures and text will end up.
The package arrived and this was in it-20151018_130241_resized_1.jpg

Here was the packing list-20151018_131316_resized_2.jpg

I started marking knife and cutting off excess material- 20151018_152248_resized_2.jpg

Trial assembly-20151018_155620_resized_1 (1).jpg end view-20151018_155638_resized.jpg

Working on stops- 20151018_173004_resized.jpg and 20151018_160930_resized.jpg

Somewhere around here I realized that one of my stops had disappeared and I had to call Beth for some.:mad:
She was very nice.

Surface grinding blade it had a slight warp that I was able to get rid of. 20151023_171653_resized.jpg

Cutting slot, I forgot to take photo and had to reset liner in vise.-20151025_133603_resized_1.jpg

Second slot cut-20151025_160654_resized.jpg
Maxed out on images for now, maybe more tomorrow.;)
Tracy did an incredible job with his tutorial! I have never attempted to make a pocket knife, and his write up made it seem almost easy. It shortened my learning curve tremendously! I would still be scratching my head and wondering how do I do that. Whatever that particular step is.
To avoid my mistake with the stand offs, make sure that you put a screw in each on one side. You have no idea how many times you'll assemble and disassemble this knife as you work on it. I originally left screws in their bag, because I was afraid of loosing them. So instead I loose a standoff :(
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George and rmbonham here are some more photos-
I got some more work in today.

Here is a tool adapted to handle those tiny screws-20151025_161202_resized_1.jpg

Marking and spot drilling micarta-20151101_110924_resized.jpg20151101_111032_resized.jpg20151101_111404_resized.jpg
Spot drilled -20151101_120621_resized.jpg
Have to stop.
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