Gentleman's pocket clip for Dad


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I thank you all for supporting this forum and hope that you will be kind enough to help out a newcomer. I joined this forum in hopes of finding a source for a knife I would like to give my father for Christmas. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

My father recently mentioned that he lost his daily carry pocket knife, and I would like to replace it. He prefers a small knife that is unobtrusive in the pocket (Under 3 1/2" closed), and has a pocket clip to hold it in place. He is a man of traditional taste and would appreciate something with natural scales/accents. Domestic wood, exotic wood, antler, bone, etc., would all be acceptable, but he is not the type of guy to appreciate micarta or any other synthetic scales. He has no use for a serrated blade.

I am looking for a knife that I could give him that costs less than $200. If any of you kind gentleman could suggest a knife for him, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.


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Occasionally, you can find a Chris Reeve Mnandi for around $295, retail is closer to $375. It is a lifetime knife.

Also, the William Henry EDC series is really nice. The E6-xxx series is right in the size your seeking. I have an E10-3 (carbon fiber) but all the others have nice wood or something in the scales. Seems the E6-whatever retails for $250. WH has many knives that are more collectors than users, and the "E" series has D2 for blade steel, coated with DLC or ion-bonded. I can tell you that the D2 blade on my E10 takes, and holds, a supremo edge - if you know how to sharpen & hone.

Both of these are a bit above your stated price, in my opinion, are two of the best options out there.

I'll throw in something outside your criteria too. A Spyderco Delica, flat ground ZDP-189 blade. Close to the size requirement, with plastic reinforced handles, a mid-back lock. Again, if your father can sharpen, hone and get the edge geometry a bit corrected, this blade will out-cut the above and last a very long time. I am a traditionalist too, but for pure bang for your buck, I think this is the top small/mid size folder available today. Can be had on-line for around $90. My son has one of these and I have an Endura, larger same blade steel etc. I can't explain to you how silly sharp these blades get and keep the edge for a surprising amount of time.



Case makes several Damascus pocket knives, like their Peanut and Swayback Jack.The quality is great and the price won't break you.
Alternatively How about going French? Fontenille-Pataud has several nice designs, including a shorter "gentlemen laguiole", or an open Le Thiers, or the "U Cumpa".