Galvanized Container For Quench Oil


Sometimes you get an idea that you think is brilliant but then wonder, “If this is so brilliant, why aren’t other people doing it?”

Today I had one of those. I saw this this galvanized pitcher and thought I could use it as a quench tank. I’d pour the oil from my plastic jug in to the pitcher, heat it up (by dropping in a hot bolt or two), quench, let it cool, then pour back into the jug for storage.

But... Will galvanized react badly with oils (like canola)?


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Just because you're dealing with heat and galvanizing, I'd say steer clear. It MIGHT be OK, but then again, it MIGHT not be. Not worth taking chances when there are so many other things you can use for a quench tank.

A piece of pipe with a "lid" 3-4X the diameter of the pipe, welding to the bottom will provide a container, and a stand all in one.

Personally, I built my quench tanks out of 4" X 6" heavy wall tubing...... split it down the centerline of each side, weld caps on the ends, and some feet...and I have 2 quench tanks. :)

Lots and lots of way to do it..... just keep it safe.

Sean Jones

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You can get any number of different sized surplus ammo cans for less than that. The benefit is most, if not all, of surplus ammo cans have a lid that is water tight and you can store your oil in the can without resorting to pouring liquid back and forth. I have a five gallon ammo can that I bought from Sportsman's Guide for $20.00. It's worked quite well for me.


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My main quench tank is a Turkey roaster,just flip the switch and it heats my oil to desired temp. For blades two large I have a piece of steel 2x4 tubing with some plate welded on each end with the side cut open that gives me a long tub for edge quenching,for anything larger I have a out of spec oxy/acc tank with the top cut off .