G0704 Quality Control Issues


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I hate to be a downer, but here it goes.

Finally got a chance to work on disassembling the G0704 mill to get rid of all of the shipping grease and check out the quality of the ways. I have to be honest; I am very disappointed with what I received. I fully realize that I didn’t spend $8,000 on a mill, but I expected to get a lot better than this.

The main issue is with the horrible machining done on the ways, both on the top and the bottom of the saddle. The ways on the table are also not exactly top notch but nowhere near the poor quality level of the saddle. In fact the ways on the saddle look like they were machined with a cutter on its way out. They not only look like awful, they have these gashes/divots all over them that looks like the cutter was uneven and possibly skipping when they were being milled. You can catch your fingernail in each of the divots, let alone feel all the imperfections with the tips of your fingers. Did anyone else experience anything like this with their G0704?

Upon speaking with a couple of other G0704 owners online they all recommended that I contact Grizzly tomorrow morning and ask to have the saddle replaced. The sad thing is that I would have never seen this if I wasn’t so OCD that I had to make sure it was completely free of that nasty grease, so that I could use proper way oil on everything.

I guess on a positive note, the top of the table looks perfect. J

Posting a lot of pics below to try to show the machining and they are a lot worse than the pics look. I also took some crappy close up pics in which I used a 10x loupe held to the camera lens on my phone. But I think they get the point across. Hope that Grizzly works with me on this.


68 P0704068 SADDLE

















Hate to hear this John. Please keep us updated on how Grizzly handles this.

Me too Darrin. I great good things about their customer service so I'm hoping they can replace the saddle with one with cleanly machined ways.

Has anyone else had this issue on theirs before?

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I'm apparently not nearly so OCD... I didn't take mine all apart like you did. The table all seems to move smoothly on mine. I'm curious now if mine looks like yours...?

I noticed those marks on the ways of a milling machine I bought years ago, my neighbor is a machinist and assured me it's supposed to look like that. those marks are for keeping an oil pathway on the ways. I'm sure Grizzly will tell you the same if you show them the pictures.
I have to agree with what Steve said. Even "high end" mills, and other machines have "grooves" cut into the guides and ways for oil/grease. I've not taken my G0704 apart, but it works well. On the other hand, I have taken my 15 year old Harbor Freight Surface grinder apart, and it has notches and grooves that look like they were put into the ways/guides with a dremel. Its obvious to me that they are there for oil....because the surface grinder has a "auto" oiler....and all the "grooves" on it intersect with the oil feed fittings. Personally, it looks like those "notches" you took pictures of were intended to be there.
Bladegrinder, Ed, cms3900, I appreciate your input. I'm definitely not a trained machinist. Thank you for the responses. I didn't realize the notches were put there intentionally for the purpose of oil retention. I guess I probably overreacted a bit and worried for nothing.

That's why I'm glad there is a good place like this where I can ask those with many more years of experience and knowledge, about things that are new to me.

Thanks again.


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John, while I never took my Grizzly mill (or lathe) apart near to that point, had I done so and saw that finish I would also have been VERY concerned. BUT - the explanation provided makes perfect sense. Thank you for starting this thread with such detailed photos - I have learned something. That makes today a good day :)

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In the past, all machine ways were hand scraped. That's what you have, but it may have been done with a machine. Put it back together and forget it. You got your money's worth.
I'll bet that's a load off your mind John. now get a good nights sleep and enjoy your new machine !
Merry Christmas...
As a person having absolutely NO knowledge of a mill I would have freaked also if I had seen that..... The explanations make sense...