G.A.K Fighter and one last "Big Spike" knife available now

J. Neilson

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Hello again,
Here are a couple more pieces recently finished up in time for the holidays. One of my always popular “G.A.K.” Fighters in the Combat version and one more of my “Big Spike” Railroad Spike knives. I’ve been having too much fun doing these oversized spike knives so this will probably be the last one for awhile. Hope you like ‘em and thanks again.

The "G.A.K." Fighter (Combat Version)

The blade on this Combat Version is 9" and forged from 5160 high carbon steel that has been fully-quenched. The top clip on the front of this blade has also been ground to a zero edge. The blade has been treated with my "antiqued" finish to resist corrosion and be non-reflective. The guard is low carbon steel that has been lightly blued. The handle is approx. 5" with a palm swell and made from Burlap Micarta (Micarta made by L.R. "Butch" Harner) and is set with a stainless steel pin and lanyard liner. The knife comes with a leather
blade sheath with loop and strap by Chuck Dominick.
Price, with leather sheath: $725.00, plus shipping.






"Big Spike" Railroad Spike Knife

This "plus size" piece is forged from an oversized, high carbon steel Railroad Spike. The handle is twisted and acid soaked, leaving a nice forge finish to the low points and head along with a nice contrast to the satin finished rises. The blade itself has a hand-rubbed finish. The knife is 11 1/4" overall length with a 5 3/4" cutting edge. The knife comes with a rawhide period sheath by John Cohea with lace, copper tacks and an exotic skin belt loop.
Price, with rawhide sheath: $425.00, plus shipping.