Fully customized Parker Edwards folder.

Bone Arrowhead Adam

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This was an off and on project for years and I finally finished it. There isn't an original surface left on this knife. I reworked the internal components to get a butter smooth action with a crisp firm lockup. Made a clip from scratch and completely reworked and customized the handles extensively. Really stoked about this knife now!


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I really like this....How did you do it?..
What did you use to get the jigging?...And what
was used to make everything satin?...Looks like
it was media blasted?...

I have several of these I'd like to re-do....I am hoping my
son will get into knives more,but he loves basketball...
But that's a good thing at 11 years old.....
Maybe when he's a little older....He loves his knife collection.
He just shows no interest in re-doing his own....

Really enjoy these customs,