Free Forum for Knife Clubs offer

BossDog & Owner
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We'll try this. Expect some "audibles" as we learn how to best handle this offer.

We will offer a free forum to a knife club that meets the following conditions.

1. They are non-profit. 501c3 status is perfect but not required.
2. They have at least 20 members
3. Must use English language in the forum. (We can't moderate what we can't read)
4. There must be at least some consistent activity. Just like anywhere here, dead forums will be pruned.

I will set up a 'clubs - sub forum' area. This just means the forum won't be on the front page, it will be one click 'down'.


eventual club...I promise

I promise I actually have **** to send out to those in our area. Summer whipped my ass, pneumonia, organizing a class reunion at the last minute, real estate class, plus several other weak ass excuses.

Les Voorhies

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I'm going to contact Marty Witek from the AECA, I'm going to their show in Chicago this weekend.

I'll say this out in public here knowing that they might read this: Some of these clubs (I'll include our own NSBC in this) are too hard headed (or something) to embrace the internet but I think if we can get some of there members on here they'll find out that they are missing out on a lot.

I recently let my club membership with the NSBC (North star blade collectors) lapse because they just couldn't seem to move along into the present. I'm also going to contact the Gateway area knife collectors as soon as I can find a number, they seem more open to modernization.

We'll see what happens

Les Voorhies

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I just heard back from one of the north star blade collector guys and he says they are interested. He's on a trip right now so I gave him the address for the forum and BossDogg's e-mail.

Wood Stabilizer

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Tracy, is this free offer for Canadian Knife Clubs as well? The club we belong to could definitely benefit from having a forum...we're spread out over 3 provinces, so keeping in contact is a bit of an issue.