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I found an old Delta 1x30 belt grinder that I forgot I had, the frame was broken and the table was missing. I decided to make a Frankensharpener so I mounted it to a wood base, made a stainless steel guide rod and attached my Lansky clamp. I purchased a few good belts and a leather stropping this thing can sharpen a knife.


Like most 1x30 grinders, this thing is fast and requires a delicate touch...especially with the finer grit belts. It does build quite a static charge and shocks the crap out of me from time to time...any thoughts on grounding it? I also found the idler wheel creates a pitch to the belt so when using the slack portion of the belt and drawing the blade across it can eat the tips off. To cure this I sharpen on the platen and strop on the slack portion. Please post any thoughts or recommendations. At some point I will tear this thing apart and install the components without the frame and find a smaller drive wheel to slow the belt speed down.

It does a great job on a cheap Walmart special. :)
I've tried several combinations and really like this 3m Gator belts. I use the 120 for thick blades and cutting an initial bevel only. I found the 240 then 600 a good combination. I then hit them with a 1000 grit and finish with a leather stropping belt and white compound.

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