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Steven Janik

Mrs. Linda Cole, the widow of famed knife and sheathmaker, Dave Cole, has graciously volunteered to give away the makers private forum that Dave won in the 2012 KnifeDogs Members Choice Awards.

This will be a drawing by post number and is available to NEW or NEWER (someone without a current forum) makers to perpetuate our craft and the memory of Dave. The forums on KD are wonderful tools to showcase your work and to network with other makers and customers.

If you are interested, please post a reply with a short note as to why you think you deserve this and what you would do with it. Your post number will go into a radom drawing and the winner will be named.

This will close at 6:00 PM CST on Friday Feb 3, 2012.

Good luck and many thanks to Linda, this is a wonderful gesture.

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Keith Willis

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What an honer it would be to have that,I will start by saying thanks to Mrs.Linda,for this opportunity
and thank you Dave for all you done for the knifemaking community.

I have wanted one for awhile.Word of KnifeDogs and its awesome group of men and women has really taken
off.The forum would be a great place to post all my knives,I have had many,many people ask,where they could
see my work,with a forum it would be as simple as giving them a link.

God bless,Keith


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I think that what Mrs. Cole is doing is very classy. I want to extend my thanks and gratitude for such a wonderful act of kindness.

I too would like to have a forum of my own. I know that those who hold forums here rank amongst the finest individuals there are in the knife industry.
I would like to think that I would continue that distinction if I were included amongst there ranks.
That being said; If I am chosen to be the lucky person to have this honor, I would like to pass it to someone else. I dont believe I deserve it.

Ernie Swanson

Thank you Mrs. Cole it would be an honor to win a forum, Starting from nothing to being a knife maker was pretty much all to do with this site. The people here helped me more than any and If I had my own forum I could post more in it. Not sure if it feels right trying to get a free one but a guy has to try. At this time I am not making any knives, I go in for back surgery on Monday, but As soon as I can build knives again I am going to get back at it. Also working on my leather skills, I really enjoy working with leather and have started to make holsters. I do give thanks to Dave Cole because in my first MITH giveaway I received from him some leather, exotic skins, and a few other leather tools, This was what drove me to seek leather crafting.
With a forum it might give me the extra drive to get out in the shop and build stuff :)

Thanks again for this opportunity.


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Im not sure? thats a very generous offer from Linda Cole..I think Ernie said it! Just wouldnt feel right! Members choice award!! was there a second runner up!!!


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Linda thank you so very much by giving this away. I know Dave is so proud to have won. He and his work were and are OUTSTANFING and always will be. I never could deside if he was my young brother or my oldest son, what ever he was every thing to me. Steve thank you for the beautifel write up. I am not asking for my self but who ever gets it , enjoy.I have no need. Dave will be watching. KT:57:

Battle Creek Knives

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First and foremost my condolences to Mrs. Cole and family.

Although I don't believe I deserve this forum I would love to have it, although I never met Dave I'd like to think of it as a candle burning bright in his honor.. And I'd like to add, if I win the first knife sold on the forum will go to a charitable donation in his honor, or perhaps in c/o the Cole family if they'd accept..

thanks for your generosity and the chance!!!

Jim Coffee

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Thank you Mrs Cole for the chance at this forum, and I'm very sorry for your loss. I never met or talked to Dave but I have heard only good thing about him from some of the guy's on this forum. Thanks again Jim

the sturgeon general

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I am with everyone here, Thanks to Mrs. Cole. And I cant say I deserve this forum over any other member here. It would be awesome though, and would perhaps help push my love for making knives and being successful at it closer to being a reality for me and my family.

Bill Dirk

Mrs. DC Knives

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Thank you Steve for handling this give away for me. Your wording was right on.
Many thanks to all entries and the best of luck to all. I know Dave would have wanted to help someone.
Many thanks again Steve.

Dwane Oliver

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Thank you Mrs. Cole for this opportunity, an artisan will be missed in the community.

Just 2 weeks ago , on a recent trip to Utah , my wife and I decided that in 2 years we are moving to Washington. We are going to cash in the corprate stock and head north. We have some family up there and the scenery is completely breath taking.( compared to the ugly brown desert we live in now ) I'm tired of chasin the oil booms around the country, and I am ready to get back to living the country life.
We have had a rough last few years, bad economy , lost my high paying job. We lost our home and the new car we had. We moved into my mothers home, and have been trying to rebuild ourselvs. Our kids are finally grown, and moving on to their lives.
With the move, I am going to go to a full time knifemaker status. We should have just enough to get a place secured and thats about it. My wife is a nurse and can go to work in just about any town, that part is reassuring.
This year I am going to join the ABS and become an appretice. That will put me going for my JS in Washington , and there are some amazing MS's up there to test with.
For the first time I am going to approach this as a buisness instead of a hobby. I think this forum would be a great asset to my marketing arsenal , along with a new website I am currently working on. This would give me the opportunity to showcase my creations to a broader audience.

Thank you again for the opportunity , and good luck everyone.

Dwane Oliver
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Steven Janik


And the little number generator at says that post #8, Jim Coffee, is the recipient of Dave Cole's forum.

Many thanks to Linda Cole for her great generosity.

Congrats Jim!!!


Bruce Bump

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A wonderful gift Mrs. Cole.
Congrats Jim Coffee!! Anxious to see what you do with a forum of your own.

Josh Dabney

Congrats Jim !

Dave was my mentor and friend. He brought me up from when I was just a pup knifemaker and I'll tell ya he's up there smiling right now !

As his student I could see the enjoyment and pleasure he took in assisting me grow as a maker. He held no secrets and shared everything he possibly could. Knowledge, technique, advise, critique, tools, materials, frienship and introducing me around the community and pointing me in the right direction were just some of the things he freely gave. I gave him an apprehensive cold call one day and he welcomed me into home, shop and life just like that.

If there's ever anything I can help you with please don't hesitate to drop me a PM or an email. If I can't help ya I'll certainly steer you to who can.

Take care and enjoy your forum to the fullest ! - Josh


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Congradulation Jim and Thanks to Dave , Linda and Steve for making this come together. Dave MISS you. Terry alias KT