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BossDog & Owner
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I am making several changes to in response to the Corona virus.
These changes will hopefully be beneficial to the knife community.

Since several knife shows have been canceled or postponed, we will be opening up our for sale areas to allow knife makers and dealers the opportunity to sell knives here.

There will not be any charge or paid membership required.

1. These rules may change at any time.
2. Limit of 10 knives to be listed at any time.
3. All knives must be U.S. or Canada based.
4. One thread bump per week limit. does not vet or approve of any seller.
Buyers should exercise caution and due diligence.


"The Montana Bladesmith"
WOW!! That is really awesome of you Tracy!! WAY beyond kind!!

I hope everyone understands just how gracious this is of Tracy..... PLEASE follow his rules and be thankful that we have such an awesome host!!!