Forging press questions (to little hp?)


Hello all,
I have recentlly started building a forging press and finally got it up and running. I am using a gas motor. A honda 190 which is rated a 5.5hp 3600rpm . I have selected a 0.55 cubic inch pump that equates to about 8.1gpm. Its a single stage pump.

What I have been noticed is anything more than unloaded movement will stall out the motor. I have adjusted my pressure regulator pretty much as low as it can go. I cant even smash a pine 2x4.
I just wanted to get your general opinion on things to check before I need to invest in another motor.
Thank you for your suggestions..
Well looked over everything once again and started reviewing others builds. It appears that I just have too much pump. To build the pressures I'm wanting I should really be in the 2 gpm range with my current motor. All things considered, a 2 stage option is the most economical option.

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Just what I was getting ready to post - most hydraulic presses usually use a 2 stage pump so they will pump high volume (6 to 12 GPM) at low press which allows the ram to move quickly. Around the 600 psi point they switch to low volume of 2 gpm or so for slow and high pressure.

What size ram are you using? We'd LOVE to see photos of your build.