Forging Demo Saturday April 16th


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Sorry for the short notice guys, but Master Smiths Jim Crowell and Lin Rhea will be conducting forging demonstrations at the Historic Arkansas Museum on Saturday from 9 am til 4 pm.

For those of you in the area who have nevr visited the museum, it isdeffinately a "Must See" for any and all knifemakers, collectors, or enthusiasts. There are examples of some of the finest blades produced throughout history on display. (You're responsible for bringing your own drool towel when touring the exhibit).
I was JUST fussing about nothing being so close to me... and now, something awesome comes up on a weekend that I'm already slammed... :(

Whoever goes, try and get us some good pics to drool over. :)
I spoke with Jim this morning and he rold me that the museum demo is usually kinda slow. I'm hoping to squeeze in some instruction time between demos. :D
Saturday was a good time under the shade tree. Sorry for any confusion with the security detail and access. Typically there is only one person forging and one person hanging around so having so many people around was confusing for the museum staff.

I got some good pics of the new blacksmith shop going up. Hope everyone got a chance to stop by over there and see the cypress timbers being hand fitted for the construction, the crew over there is doing an amazing job. Back before we had gas stations, hot rods, and 4WDs the blacksmith shop was a central gathering place; Its a good time to be a hillbilly bladesmith in Arkansas.