Forged in Fire Season 4

Discussion in 'Custom Knife Forum' started by Stormcrow, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Stormcrow

    Stormcrow Well-Known Member

    New season starts this week.

    And on the 18th:

  2. KenH

    KenH Well-Known Member

    Looks like History channel has "Forged in Fire" showing all day today (April 11) with S4E1 tonight at 8pm. Looking forward to the new season.

    Ken H>
  3. Stormcrow

    Stormcrow Well-Known Member


    They're now showing commercials for my episode (next Tuesday, 8:00 CST), and it's interesting to see myself on the TV screen. The cuts are edited so quickly, that by the time I realize I'm looking at myself, I'm already off the screen. :D

    It should be an entertaining episode.
  4. Brad Lilly

    Brad Lilly Moderator and Awards Boss

    Cool stuff James.
  5. KenH

    KenH Well-Known Member

    James, I watched both hours last night, and will be looking for you next week.... Let's see, you're the "good looking" guy? {g}
  6. Stormcrow

    Stormcrow Well-Known Member

    I'm the guy in the green shirt and beard who should have gotten a haircut before going on international television. :D
  7. franklin

    franklin Well-Known Member

    I will be sure to watch my friend to see what the hell they make you try to make
    a knife out of this time. Good luck but sure you all ready now how it turns out lol
  8. Self Made Knives

    Self Made Knives Well-Known Member

    Good luck James! I love the show, but I have a question about quenching and tempering as they do it on the show. I do all my heat treating in an Evenheat and control all my temps to the n-th degree. How the heck do you get any reasonable temper with only a quench? Do you pull the blade out of the oil before it's completely cooled and let that be the temper? Or, do you adjust the temp/color of the steel before it goes into quench? Just curious, that part of the show always makes me wonder.
  9. Stormcrow

    Stormcrow Well-Known Member

    Anthony - Tempering gets mentioned every episode filmed, but it almost always gets cut by the editors so it doesn't actually make it onto TV. They have something like 250 hours of footage for each episode that get whittled down to 43 minutes, so there's a lot of cutting going on besides the testing. :D

    There are a couple of digital tempering ovens out of sight of the cameras, and the Mastersmith judge for the episode does the tempering for you prior to the segment where handles are attached. The show isn't trying to hide anything, it just isn't entertaining to show a tempering oven cycling.
  10. Self Made Knives

    Self Made Knives Well-Known Member

    Oh wow! I've been wondering about that since the start. It would be cool to see a behind the scenes look at the filming and whole process. I've heard a couple other former contestants talk a little about being on the show, but not a lot of detail. Looking forward to seeing your turn!
  11. Stormcrow

    Stormcrow Well-Known Member

    We're not allowed to talk in a whole lot of detail. :) On the contestant side, there's a whole lot of sitting around and waiting while set changes are made (especially during testing, when things have to be reset after each contestant, depending on the tests being done) and waiting on other contestants to be interviewed. Wholebunch of hurry up and wait.
  12. Brad Lilly

    Brad Lilly Moderator and Awards Boss

    The real question is what are you going to do with the 10,000? I'm not even going to ask who won.
  13. Stormcrow

    Stormcrow Well-Known Member

    I appreciate your vote of confidence, Brad. :D
  14. Stormcrow

    Stormcrow Well-Known Member

    Tomorrow night! (Tuesday, April 18, 8:00 CST)

    Here's the episode description:

    "For the first time ever, the competitors are challenged with creating not one, but two blades in the first round. With double the pressure and double the work, the bladesmiths are pushed to their limits, which leads to another first–a hospital trip. After a grueling second round, the two remaining smiths have just five days to create an iconic 15th century combat sword–the Katzbalger. Which bladesmith has what it takes to burn through the obstacles in their way and become the next Forged in Fire champion?"
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  15. Stormcrow

    Stormcrow Well-Known Member

  16. arrington

    arrington Member

    Good luck! I've been a fan of your work since the start of the Neo Tribal movement.
  17. bladegrinder

    bladegrinder Well-Known Member

    congradulations James, I got to say I thought you had it from the beginning. you also did very well keeping everyone here guessing.
    That was a very nice sword and perfomed excellent.
  18. JeremyBartlett

    JeremyBartlett Well-Known Member

    Congrats James, we'll done!

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  19. Kevin Zito

    Kevin Zito KNIFE MAKER

    Good job, homie!!!

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  20. Stormcrow

    Stormcrow Well-Known Member

    Thanks, guys!



    #snackbreak :D

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