Folder and a few neck knives

Keith Willis

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For those that thought I had quit making knives, here is a few I have just finished up
Since I made my last folder I have had 2 foot surgeries and 2 back surgeries.
Here's a few pics of some neck knives and a folder


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Hey Keith!
I trust you are healing up after all of that cutting! Nice work on the knives!
I'm still plugging along making knives & sharpening as well! Stay away from those doctors, they will make you sick!:3:
Looking good Keith. That is some fine wood on the folder and the necker designs are great. Hope you are feeling good now.
Those all look great- good to see you still working away at what you like after all the medical stuff you've been through. You are an inspiration to me- to keep doing all I can. I have a fair amount of pain and then some back problems that don't mix well with standing at the grinder or the anvil. But, with that said, even though I'm older, I haven't been through any surgeries yet, and admire your tenacity. I was praying for you awhile back, and will try to keep asking that you will be past all that junk! Again, great work! Your post was a high note in my day.