Florence is coming


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no, not an aunt or cousin or the title of a bad XXX movie. varies between Cat 4 and Cat 5 hurricane. will come visit us in Eastern NC Thursday thru Saturday. forecast track keeps moving south. Sunday forecast track went over my house, now track is about 75 miles south. still forecast >10" of rain with winds to 60mph. stores shelves are emptying fast. will finish prep tomorrow and wait.

C Craft

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Scott not sure exactly where you are at but, this is gonna be a bad one!!

The last I saw on it tonight they are predicting 20' tidal surge. Then this thing is gonna camp inland for at least another 24hrs before moving. Ivan convinced me about staying when I don't need to. We are 20 miles inland and the damage here was pretty bad! Ivan was a Cat. 3 when it made landfall!

Those who chose to stay on the water were absolutely crazy! the storm surge pushed many of the bridge panels of the pilling on I-10. They estimated that there was in the neighbor hood of 20' tidal surge with it. Pretty much everything on the beach was gone. It shoved water up the bay and that is where it took out the bridge on I-10!

I tried 3 days after the storm to go down highway 90 to find a source of gasoline! We got stopped in a traffic jam on one of the bridges that make up the causeway for Highway 90 West. While sitting there I noticed that the flood line in the trees beside the bridge! That area is a good 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. And still the surge pushed water over top of the causeway at about 12' - 16' high.

If you anywhere close the coast I would advise you to get out, NOW! If you are in an area that is prone to flooding get out. It will not matter if you are in your home trying to be there in and attempt to lessen damage. During the storm you will not be able to help stop any damage and there will be no one that can get to you!! We survived Ivan by the grace of God. I lost three vehicles and nearly all the trees on the property. My home had minimal damage compared to others. All those things can be replaced, human life can't!

I am keeping an eye at present on the disturbance in the Caribbean's right now. It doesn't have a name yet but when they get into that Gulf all bets are off!!

Good luck to you brother and I will say a prayer for all in the path of this one!


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i am north of Raleigh/Durham and about 150 miles from the coast. what we were worried about was 10" of rain and winds over 50mph. i think the morning forecast won't be that bad. storm is now headed for NC/SC border. we may get rain, but not that much or winds that high. a lot of people were evacuated and the worst of the storm will probably not hit their area, bad for the next time. thanks to all for prayers and thoughts.


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This is going to be a bad one. After the storm hits I will be down in the Wilmington area assisting with the storm restoration. Until then i’m getting things squared away here at home.
I live less than 100 miles from Savannah and the last one that hit there messed this place up for a while. At 150 miles you guys are gonna get wet. Prayers to you and yours sir.


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Prepare, and be safe Scott! Prayers already going out for you, and all those this storm will impact.

Anytime something like this happens, I count my luck stars that I live where I do.... worst thing I ever have to deal with is a heavy winter snow, or possible minor flooding when it all melts in the spring.


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just finished shopping, only thing I couldn't find was vienna sausage. I like the fact that we can track and forecast storms better than 40 years ago. sometimes though the first forecasts set off panic buying, i mean what is a two person household going to do with 25 gallons of bottled water. as said above, i am 150 miles from the coast so it looks now like 7 or 8 inches of rain and some wind.
for you folks in great white north like Ed and BossDog, original forecast was like getting a forecast for 3 day blizzard with 60" to 70" of snow with sustained 60 mph winds. Now forecast is 15" to 20" with some gusts to 45mph.


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If you have gallon freezer bags you don't need to go to the store to buy water. Fill up the gallon bags with water, put them in a box for access and storage. Throw a few of the bags in the freezer and you have ice for cooling that will double as drinking water when it melts.

Doug Lester

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I used to live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and it amazed me when we had a hurricane heading in all the people who were stocking up on bottled water while the city water was still running. I just filled up every pot and large container that I had and filled up the bath tubs to flush the toilets. The other thing that amazed me were the ones filling up on frozen food.

For those in the area who haven't been through one of these before, DO NOT try to drive through standing water.