Fishing Companion


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I made this knife as part of a fishing rig. I wanted a light but capable blade to accompany my unhooking tools.

5mm O1 steel,235mm OAL,115mm blade,leather sheath and sling with stainless fittings.

Thanks for looking. Comments,good or bad,always welcome.

Johan Nel

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Great looking knife. The sheath, and acroutements looks well designed and thoroughly thought out. I gather from the photos that your gear is well organised. Most probably based on sound experience. Well done!


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Thank you. I'm a life-long fisherman. I've made several rigs over the years. I like the way they hang around the back out of the way and don't pull my trousers down.This rig gives me options to take only the tools I think I will need.


that's a nice knife! Would you still use O-1 after using it a while? Or, do you find the maintenance an issue for keeping rust off? I love O-1 and A-2...I've started using A-2 mostly because it doesn't patina as quick.

Also, that sheath is a real beaut!

(just realized this is an older post...)