First Try With Kydex


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Here is a picture of a Kydex knife sheath that I have been working on. This is my second attempt, the first one was a neck knife sheath that I wasn't really impressed with. The milled slots are for a strap to allow the sheath to be worn on an ankle or leg.

The knife is one of my Ripcord knives with Kirinite scales.


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Hey Cory,
How are you doing?
Glad to see you are working on your knives & sheaths. I like this one. it looks very functional.
Wasn't this the Rodeo safety knife you were working on?



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Hey Laurence! I'm doing great! How have you been?

Thank you, I like the function of the sheath and it fits a belt nicely. Its a start for now, and hopefully I can make some improvements.

Yes, this is the rodeo safety knife. The pictured knife was made for the bull fighter that had a part in designing the prototype. There will be a few changes made to it later, but I'm waiting until he gets a chance to give me some feedback.

Martin Schutte

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Hey Cory

I remember reading youre first post about this knife, it looks like the correct tool for the job!

Oh yes i like youre logo, I wanted to use the longhorn skull for mine but opted for the kind off tribal look! It took me a long time to design(8 months to a year due to designing software illeteracy) and re-design and the one day I show this design to my father he said it looks kind of like our family crest/logo (a bulls head)! What a great suprize for me!

Keep on making nice knifes!



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Hi Martin, I really like your logo, it does have a little tribal look to it!

Yep, this is the same knife as the first post. The only change is the handle material has been thinned down, we found that it provided a little better grip and the overall weight was lessened. I'll try to get some pictures posted once he uses it.