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Hello all,
I have been looking at all of the cool knives here and I appreciate what you for the military services. I am active Army and many years ago I graduated high school with a guy who joined the Army. He had a son who just finished basic and is an infantry man. He graduated 17 Feb 2012 and went to his unit. I just found out he is heading downrange. I have a request for all y'all; would it be possible for one of you to donate your time and talent to give this new Soldier a knife he can use for a lifetime? It will be part of his kit for when he goes out. Kydex that can be tied down would be best and I leave the rest to you. I will get an address where he can have it sent to. If postage is an issue, I will gladly pay it. Please consider this request. Thank you for your time. Rich.

Bill Coye

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Hi Rich,

There are several makers here who have made knives for the recent military build. The BossDog is aware of your request.

Please PM him with some more specific information.



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This post will stay up on the condition that I get the name and military address for the benefactor. Rich is fairly new here so I have asked him to send me the name and military address of this soldier and i will forward it to the maker/sponsor. everything looks and feels in the up and up but we are going to help make sure. I appreciate Rich for asking here. Thanks.