first time forge welding help ?


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i am new to forge welding my question well a harbier freight weed torch put out the heath need to forge weld using fire bricks for a heating chamber i want to use a rap file to make a tomahock
thank,s for any advice
I doubt you will get enough EVEN heat to achieve decent forge welds with that type of setup. If it's all you have, you can give it a try, but I would suggest letting it "warm up" for some an hour or so. Depending on the material the rasp is made of, you're going to need between 2200F-2350F to get solid forge welds. Often times with temps below 2200F, folks will think they have thing forge welded, but it's usually just what I call a "glue job"..... very small "spots" will stick, but as soon as any impacts or stress takes place, those spots will pop apart.
mister Caffrey do you have any advice on how a mutt can get the needed heath for forge welding with out a professional forge my space in limited im a apartment dweller /
thank,s as always for your help
This is not something that can be done correctly "on the cheap". If you want correct, well done forge welds, it will require a proper forge. I'm sure if you look hard enough on the web, you will find things that make claims that you can do it this way or that way..... but in this case, you can either do it right, or try to do it on the cheap and have a great chance of failure. Based on being an "apartment dweller" the risks of trying to do something like this in that environment would be enough to make me NOT try.
Graveyard - If you are limited by your apartment space don't give up. If you do not have the proper equipment, look around your area for other knife or Damascus makers and work with them. Make a deal/barter with them to learn on their equipment. Perhaps look for a local college and take a class if one is offered. Check out blacksmiths in the area. If you truly want to learn, the world holds a good number of teachers.
Thank,s guys i have done some more reading i know ill need a lot of SAFE heat ill look into finding some local help ..