First Damascus kitchen knife


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190mm 2.jpg190mm.jpg

First damascus chefs knife I have made. Alabama Damascus Buckshot (Raindrop) pattern, 3/32" stock, 190mm tall gyuto shape. Still gotta put the final edge/point on it, but it cuts pretty well as is so far. Handle is green/white denim bonded with MarineGuard 8000 epoxy resin (used for boat building).
Damascus Kitchen Chef Knives. Damascus blade radiates a persona from its own rich example, sturdiness, and strength. Kitchen blades with excellent DAMASCUS design are accepted at the cutting edge on the planet.
No, this is the 210mm in the pic. The 240mm gyuto and a 6" utility knife are at the heat treaters (Jarod Todd) along with some 80 CRV2, Nitro V and AEB-L blades. CPM154 and CPM Cruwear are up next to get profiled out :)