Finally, Some Heat!


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I have had to adjust my shop time to accommodate the weather. My shop is so small a tiny wood stove would take up too much space, so I saw the Mr Heater Big Buddy on sale and gave it a go this morning.
27* outside, a very workable 50* in the shop. Spent the morning making spacers and guards instead of wishing I could get out there to do something.
Now just waiting for the DRO to arrive for the mini mill.
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A woodstove can consume space, I took mine out this year. I've been thinking about one of the smaller Nordic stoves but I can't tell what kind of exhaust they put out.


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I grew up with wood heat, love it. We've been looking at the Jotul stoves for the house, pricey but have a good resell value.

C. Killgore

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I used to almost stop doing anything but forging in the winter because I just couldn't stand doing grinding and finishing work with freezing cold hands. Just got a propane heater for the shop. So now I've got the 500 gallon tank running my forges and heat.

It makes a big difference. :)

Sean Jones

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I have one of the Mr Buddy heaters as well. It's worked well except on the coldest days of winter. I will also sometimes use gloves with the fingers cut off to help keep my hands warm, but not when I'm grinding.


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Living where I do (Montana), a temp controlled shop(s) is a must. The Blacksmith shop is heated via hot water in the floor, that runs off a 50 gal hot water heater, and the finish shop has a 110,000 btu overhead gas heater...... Last Sunday I went into the finish shop and it seemed cold.....looked at the thermostat, which is set for 66 during the day..... it read 48.... and the heat wasn't running. HMMMMMM, diagnostic time...... come to find that the induced draft blower is on it's last leg.....took it out, cleaned it, and lubed ..... and quickly jumped online and order another. The heater is working for now..... but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new parts get here soon! I'm not dealing with -40, just in the single digits, but there's a lot of stuff in the shop that would be ruined if frozen. Best wishes to all who are dealing with those super cold temps, and are not used to it..... my advice in those conditions is just take EVERYTHING you do slowly and deliberately. Give things time time to warm up!