Finally finished the Colt .22 restoration

Justin Presson

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Guys who have been here a little while remeber this gun. I looked back and it has been about 3 years since this gun came into my possession. I have been working on it off and on and finally got with my buddy and got the Cerakote job done on it. Midnight Blue was the cerakote color.
The stock is what I am most proud of, I did a tone of work to clean it up. This will be my sons first gun.
Here are some before and after pictures.
Here is the link to all the pics.

.22 restoration
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When I was six dad had bought a used Win. .22 (model 69) and reshaped the stock and re-blued the action/barrel. Still have it...I felt like a man that Christmas.

Your WIP brought back a lot of memories!

Nice job!

Justin Presson

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How did you make this disappear??
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In the Imgur photo it appears you blended this out!

Although I can't see how. The reason I ask is I have a rifle of my Fathers and it has an oh-oh that is fairly deep, I would love to fix. I just haven't figured out how!!

Really nice restoration, your son will be proud!!
Yes I did blend it out. I left the area flat where the trigger guard screws in to the stock and filled deep enough to get out most of that damage and then did the same on the other side to match.

Justin Presson

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That came out awesome Justin. that rifle reminds me of shooting class I had in jr, high school. I'll never forget walking down the hallway with a single shot .22, ah.......the good ol days. your sons going to love it.
Does he know he's getting it yet?
Yes he does. I stayed up last night and finished it and when he got up this morning I showed him. He was excited.