Files for knives


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I'm new here and relatively new to knife making. I've been collecting files to make my knives out of. Recently I got a couple of Nicholson files that were made in Mexico. I know the USA ones are excellent steel for the knives I have been making. But I'm unsure about the Mexican ones. Does anyone on here have any experience with these. And how can I test them for steel quality for knife making.

Also, I have a couple that have a picture of a horse jumping through a hoop and below that it says Made In Germany. Any information on either the Mexican Nicholson or the German files would sure be appreciated. Thanks so much!

J. Doyle

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Files are always a gamble....old or new. I had some OLD (like from the 70's) Nicholson and Simmonds ferriers rasps.....they were junk steel.

Unless for some historical/sentimental purpose.....its much easier AND cheaper to use known knife steel.

Jason Volkert

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I know the Mexican Nicholson files are the worst files to use for filling metal. I would use known steel like John recommends. But if you are a hard head like me. lol. I would break off the tang of the file and try and hardin it.