February Meeting Pics


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At the February meeting we had three different stations where classes were being taught.

At the forge, Bud Richard was giving guidance to Dustin Vance on forging a small hunter.

At the vise, Lin Rhea MS was demonstrating the proper technique for squaring the shoulders with a file guide and file.

At the grinder, Ronie Foster MS was demostrating proper grinding technique

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That’s Dustin “ Grill Master” Vance. Hope he knows how to do mudbugs.

You can’t tell by the photos but it was a good crowd there for the storm that had just passed through. They had turned off the tornado sirens about 5 minutes before I got there.
I think we had a count of 32 men, women, and children.

I think Murph said that he was going to Kydex sheaths at the next one :biggrin: