Fantoni Harsey HB-01


Martin Swinkels

Just wanted to say what a fantasticly well made folder this is. Buttersmooth opening, solid lock up, great ergo's, top F&F and great edgeholding.

All the Best from the Low Lands,


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I agree Martin. I have both the small and large Fantoni-Harsey folders. They are two of the finest production knives I have ever owned.


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I had a Harsey D2 DA auto for a while and it was a super knife! My only complaint about it was the traction grooves which were quite aggressive for a bear hand in heavy cuts. Other than this I really loved it a lot. It was big but nice. I'm sure that one is too. I've never been real fond of blades of that shape but I sure like the looks of that one. Thanks for sharing.