Elk horn slabs


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I have some Elk Horn Sheds where the main stem is to big for a handle.
How would I go about taking a 1/8 or 1/4 inch section out of the center?
What would be good to hold the horn and be removable after the cutting?
Is water glass water soluable?
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TJ Smith
I dunno about the waterglass question but using chicago screws would make the scales removable.
Am unsure as to why one would want to remove scales unless as a display item.
Sorry. Don,t want to remove the scales from the knife. I want to remove the scales from whatever i use to hold them while cutting a section out of the center to make them smaller in diameter.
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TJ Smith
Depending on how your planning on using the shed the whole thing can be used as a handle for full tangs, hidden tangs and even go as far as to use the long skinny ones to hold a fire steel and pair it with the knife handle that it was cut from.
However you use it DO NOT TRY TO DRIVE THE ANTLER ONTO A TANG!!!!!!!! I tried it once to prove I could do where others failed and split 3/4 of the handle. The interior is porus but much like straight grained wood, splits waay too easy.
Baaaaaah its when you start sanding it flat on the disk that it smells reallly good.