Edge Protectors


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Hey all,
I was just wondering if anyone out there knows where to get disposable edge protectors in volume. Needed for sharpening service when returning the knife to owner.

I use cardboard
cut it a bit wider than the blade height, Fold it. put the edge into the closed side. But it against the guard, cut it a 1/2 longer than point. Double a piece and fold it over the tip side and tape good. Then cover the handle and tape the to your blade securely. put in flat rate box so it does not shake, I ball up 4 newspaper pages in a corner. Never had a problem....Thank goodness
I have however got a few with the tip and bare edge sticking out!!!
THANKS.....thats sort of what I'm doing now but when doing 40-50 blades a day that extra couple of minutes to cut, fold & tape takes it's toll. I was hoping to find some pre-folded or even better some sleeves that were pre-made so I have to do is cut it and tape. I also use the foam core mount board that I get as scrap from framing shops. I'm just trying to find something FASTER.

you might try some split garden hose...just a thought. I've used it for a quick axe cover. Slips on and stays in place fairly well on an axe. If you're shipping might want to put a couple pieces of tape around it. Otherwise I think it would work well.
They call it grommet edging. They have it in PVC and LDPE. GRE and GE series respectively.
Probably can get something similar to the grommet edging at an office supply store for slip on bindings.