Ed Caffrey, MS..... "The Montana Bladesmith"


"The Montana Bladesmith"
As I've always been big on teaching/sharing Bladesmith and knifemaking how-to..... I'm gona post link predoominately geared towards teaching/learning.....

The first one is to my main website: http://www.caffreyknives.net/ On that page, if you go to the menu, under "Knifemaking How To", you will find a drop down of many subjects dealing with Bladesmithing/Knifemaking. Many of these are in video format.

On that same menu Knifemaking How To>Knifemaking articles....... this will take you to a number of written articles.

My Son, Tim Ufferman, owns/operates KnifemakerTraining.com It's full of free and paid video content, if you don't see something you'd like to know about, just let me know, and we will put it on the list of future videos.

If you're interested in what's available..... http://www.caffreyknives.net/available_knives.html