EC Solingen Knife Restoral Project

Bill Hubbell

I saw an old friend at a restaurant yesterday, and he said," Hey, I have something for you". I always like it when he says that! He went out to his truck and brought me what is left of an old knife. It reads "E C SOLINGEN" on the ricasso, and "24X" on the backside. As you see, it's missing the guard and handle. The cap is fine (needs a nut). The edge ramps down a little from the ricasso from sharpening, but not too bad.
I just thought I'd share that with you guys and see if anyone has some interesting info about the maker, or input on bringing it back. I assume it had either stacked leather or stag for a handle. I've used stag for handles before, but have never done one with the leather, so will probably go with leather and two or three colored spacers. I don't expect it to have any great collector value- especially in the condition it's in. I just see this as a good project to better my skills and be doing my 'knife-thing'.
And-it's great to me that it comes from an old friend. I told him I'd just do it for him, but he won't take the knife back finished (so far- but we'll see).Side View Resized.jpgBevel Edge Resized.jpg
Thanks for looking,
It is good to see another Nebraska guy on here. I have an old Western that will get refurbished when I get some time.

Check out Ausbrooks threads on refurbishing knives. He has posted several WIP's. He has posted some killer stuff with restoration efforts.

Welcome to Knifedogs and good luck with your project.

Thanks for the welcome, and the information, too. Ausbrooks has the touch, doesn't he? Those were interesting- I'll have to look through them again when I get time to start on that old knife of mine... and then remember to ask Ausbrooks any questions I come up with.
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A buddy brought me a similar knife by EC Solingen found by his labrador . It was matched to the Roy Rogers special. I looked it up online and found out it was manufactured between 59-64. I refinished the handle and made a sheath for it. The guard and pommel were identical to what you have. I removed the old handle material and put on a whitetail shed and spacers from black linen micarta, and big leaf maple. I also made a new guard and hammered the front of it, to give it some character.


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