Double Kit, Fixed and Folder


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Haven't quite gotten brave enough to grind my own steel, especially when I can get pretty good made-up blanks for $20-30USD. So, here's a Skinner with blackwood handles and his little brother, a tricked out Swiss Army knife, same handles. These hardwood scales include the sap wood which makes a nice black/white contrast. The blanks I buy from the KingDog are a bit too short for a comfortable grip so I extend the tail end of the tang about an inch for the full 5 finger grip. I'll use G10 or in this case walnut to use as an insert to make the extension.

The SAK shown here has nickel silver bolsters, brass liners, and exposed brass pins. The blade configuration is pretty minimalist with just 3 tools. This I call a "flaco" knife (means skinny in Spanish)

Had a friend make up the tricky 2-way sheath that holds both the SAK and the larger blade. This seemed like a good idea to me but nobody's grabbed me yet and ordered 100. But I can wait!