Does anyone know if 80crV2 steel is made in China or here in the states?


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I recently purchased a bar of 80crV2 steel from Aldo to make another group of knives. The price was right on it and from what little info I could find it was worth a try. I was wondering if any one had any information on where this steel is produced? Is it made in China or overseas or is it made here in the USA? Can't seem to find much information about it's place of manufacture other than it seems to perform well and is similar to 5160. Any information is appreciated. :les:

It's made in Germany and to pretty tight specs too. Not much variance in it at all.

It's a great quality steel that's growing in popularity for good reason. Experimenting with heat treating and testing can yield some impressive results.
Thanks for the information John. I will be cutting some knives out of it this weekend.

It is sure that the 80crV2 steel is not a china made. According to the knives which are made china are generally made from the 400 stainless steel.
For knife application, don't use those austentizing numbers. Way too high. Stay with 1475F thru 1500F. And IIRC, the pearlite nose is 7 seconds on this steel.
According to indeed comes from Deutschland.

I always have been a little shocked by the 7 second pearlite nose on that steel. I thought it would be less than that.
The only one?
I think he means the only one that knows where HIS STEEL comes from!
Which would make sense!
I'm not sure about the W-2 coming from Germany, I was under the impression
that it was US made, I could be wrong, not that it would matter, Aldo's W-2 is
AWESOME!!!! As is most of the steel he brings in! Know this, if Aldo had not brought
in or had the W-2 made WE would NOT have it available! Aldo is the BOMB!!!!!!