Do you know where the DVD's can be bought???

C Craft

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I posted this same thing on another forum and I am real interested in getting a set of these DVD's!

What I am looking for is the following.

Dvd - Custom Knife Sheaths with Chuck Burrows 2 disc set

Since Chuck passed I can't find anywhere that is still selling the DVD's! Chuck was the master when it came to sheaths like this!

He could make a knife and a sheath that looked like someone had went back in time in the "Way Back Machine" and brought it out with them! His passing took an effect with him that would be hard to duplicate!
I would have thought maybe the family would have kept producing the DVD's as the interest in work like his still continues today! However I have not found any place still selling the 2-DVD set, Custom Knife Sheaths!! So if anyone knows a source please let me know about it!

Also does anyone know if the DVD's covered these frontier style sheaths??

Update: I found the DVD at Jantz Supply and immediately put one on order!!
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To give you a little back story on these videos..... Ever since Gene Osborne passed away (he's the one who created Center Cross Videos, and all the videos offered under that name) his Widow went off the deep end, and stopped paying any royalties to those who are featured in the videos. Myself, and all the other Artists haven't been paid in over 3 years now. I can't speak for any of the other Artists, but having done 3 videos (Basic Bladesmithing, Basic Damascus, and Mosaic Damascus) I can't even purchase my own videos....unless I buy them at retail price through someplace such as Jantz. In other words all the Artists' contracts have been violated by Center Cross.

It's been discussed among the artists of bringing a law suit against Center Cross for violating the contacts we all signed, however, most of us chose not to do so. Personally, I've given up on ever seeing any revenue that's due me from the sales of these videos, and have plans in the works to recreate my videos, along with many more, for a project that should become reality later this summer.

C Craft

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Wow, sorry to hear that ED, that is not right! So was not trying to undermine a deal that I knew nothing about!

I was looking for this one because I have always admired Chuck's work and was hoping that maybe, just maybe there was a little in their on what I would call his frontier line of sheaths.

The only other place I had found it was the Amazon UK and if my exchange rate is correct, someone is out of their mind!

340.24 Euro = 382.53 US Dollar and that doesn't include shipping!!



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I wasn't trying to deter you in any way..... it's was one of those "in the moment" replies. I try not to think about the situation, but when I do, it riles me up a bit. :)

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No problem Ed! I had already purchased it before I even knew about the royality thing!! I can see why it riles you, it would me too!

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Ed, until I read your post I thought I was the only one she treated this way.

Other than trying to contact her, I never tried to do anything about it out of respect for Gene, who was a great friend.