DO NOT Try to Take Yr Knife into a Presidential Candidate's Rally!1,000s Confiscated


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While Knife Rights' Knife Check worked great at Donald Trump's NRA Annual Meeting appearance, we can't follow all the candidates around the nation doing knife checks. If your try to enter a presidential or vice-presidential rally with a knife (or almost anything metal except for car keys), it will be confiscated or you will be turned away!

At many of these rallies, hundreds of attendees are losing their knives. Nationwide, thousands of knives have been confiscated! In most instances, once confiscated you'll not be given the opportunity to reclaim your knife. Leave your knife at home or in your car.

We were reminded of this by an article about 200 knives confiscated at a rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona. In this case, kudos go to the Prescott Valley Police Department who are allowing folks to claim their knives. Again, in most cases, once your knife is confiscated, it is gone for good!

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why is this surprising? the places you can carry a knife would be a very short list. I don't understand the fascination with 'EDC' knives, when you can't carry them once you leave your property. I have knives in my car, in my tackle box, in my tool box, but never in my pocket


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To each their own. I've carried a pocket knife since shortly after I could walk. Whether it is farm chores, peeling an apple for lunch, opening a package, cutting threads off a shirt, etc there are constant uses for a knife throughout the day. I am a law abiding citizen, I refuse to disarm because of someone else's irrational fears.

If these venues that feel the need to infringe upon their clients are so worried about what their clients might do with a pocket knife then perhaps they need to find a better clientele.

Same goes for the politicians and wanna-be politicians. If they are so scared of their constituents that they don't want them carrying a pocket knife at a rally then perhaps they need to look at how they govern and who they are seeking to represent.