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I like doing kitchen knives but I just don't do too many of them because I have to charge more for them. They have so much more surface area on the blade and can as much as double the time necessary for meto hand sand the blade. This is a Japanese Gyuto with a Wa handle. The blade is 10" long and made from 3/32" CPM-154 Stainless Steel with a 400 grit satin finish. The Wa handle is 6 3/8" long and is made from Desert Ironwood Burl and African Ebony with a Mother of Pearl accent. It was hand shaped on my 2" X 72" grinder, hand sanded to 2000 grit, polished with Diamond White compound and waxed to a final finish. The counter stand is made from a piece of Maple Burl, a piece of flame maple and two wooden clothes pins :5:.
IMG_3554.jpgIMG_3545.jpgIMG_3546.jpgIMG_3549.jpgIMG_3548 (2).jpg
that is fantastic! gorgeous handle and you did a great job getting the flats even. love the lines of the blade.

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