Didn't plan on smithing, but I couldn't resist


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Vector 66lb cast steel

Image above ∆

I was planning on just doing stock removal, but too many projects I want to make seem to be demanding it. So I couldn't resist this deal. I didn't have a steel ball bearing but this glass one rebounds at near as I can tell about 95.8% (11.5" from 12"). It sings when batonned with a hardwood branch. No thud at all. I don't have Rockwell files but it claims to be 50 or better.

Video below

Looks very nice! I bought an anvil and a small Atlas forge and 2lb hammer when I started. My rotator cuffs are both blown out and I can't swing the hammer for more than a minute. I'm just settling for stock removal...

Post up a video of some hammering!
You will be hooked. There is nothing like being able to make your own tools. Last weekend I was tearing out an old glued down wood floor in my kitchen and the stupid pry bar would not get under the wood. I tried everything and the only thing that got close was a garden hoe. I stopped abruptly and said enough of this...ten minutes later, the floor obliterator was born. The rest of the job went smooth with the right tool...