Day Off

Church & Son

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What do you do on your first day off in 10 weeks?

Why scrape hides of course…

A ton of work but it’s nice not to have to wait on others….

Hopefully all of the hides used next year will be mine…These will be rawhide…..Randy


Wade Hougham

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After 10 weeks you couldn't just relax and veg out, now could you? Looking forward to seeing the rawhide in sheath form. Hope you don't have to work another 10 wks before your next day off.


kevin - the professor

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good deal, Randy. looks like a lot of work, but makes me miss the farm I used to have in Texas. you are a lucky man. Looking forward to seeing what you can create with that material.

Church & Son

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Thanks guys...just one more stone on the way to self-reliance...
Maybe someday before I kick the bucket I can stay home and play with sharpy things full time.....