DanF Introduction and looking for...,


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Hi, I'm Dan (DanF on here), been here a few months.
I'm looking for a couple of pieces of wire (insulated and heat resistant), of suitable gauge to connect a thermocouple to a pid. I need 2 pc, 3-5' long.
I have several pounds of satanite, or a couple of square ft of inswool and/or high temp wool, or a couple lbs of bubble alumina to trade, or would be happy to buy.


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DanF, your wire will need to be thermocouple wire of the type of thermocouple you have. Typically a type K TC is used and the TC wire is the same material as the TC itself. One leg (wire) of the TC is . The max temp the TC will be exposed to will determine type of insulation and size of wire. A forge takes a totally different setup than does a tempering oven, or a HT oven for that matter. 3 different setups, 3 different requirements.