Damascus with Koa 4 piece kitchen set

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[h=2]Hi guys and gals. Most of probably seen the WIP photos. But for those who may not. check em out.. Finally. The set is done. Its ready and heading out the door today.[/h] Blades are HHH Damascus. Forged bu Randy Jr. Paired with African Black wood and Koa. Brass fittings and liners and spacers. etc.

8 " chef.
9 " Slicer
7 " Nakiri
6 " petty

100% HHH!!!!

Thanks for looking. as always comments and or critiques welcomed.
God Bless



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Beautiful. Now you just need a paring knife or two to go with the set. :biggrin:
Thanks guys!! Its always nice to hear from fellow makers and friends.

Im pretty sure that the gentleman who ordered these will be pleased and they will serve him well. That is a WIN/WIN in my book

I think that is the most beautiful set of kitchen knives I have ever seen. Well done! The client should do back flips when they see those...
You always do a GREAT job of feather Damascus, but I think this is some of the best ever. I really like the way the spine forms the "wave" down the blade.