Damascus and Walrus

Wade Hougham

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From blade tip to guard it is 6 1/4" with an overall length of 11 3/4", a little different style than I normally make.
This knife was made for KT and he supplied the Chad Nichols Damascus and the Walrus from Mark Knapp. The guard is from a wrought iron anchor chain.
Hope you enjoy the view.

Hope you enjoy the view.#5 Walrus 022.jpg#5 Walrus 023.jpg#5 Walrus 025.jpg#5 Walrus 027.jpg#5 Walrus 026.jpg
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LobosStyle Blades

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That's a nice piece Wade. I love the damascus pattern you chose for the handle. The one side of the handle with the white almost looks like it'd go great with a palomino horse.

The butt end of the handle, how deep does that hole go? Are you considering putting in some sort of accent? I know a lot of guys do carvings on the back side of antlers but with that hole, you can put just about anything.

Great work. I like the display idea too.


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Wade this is a OUTSTANDING. It was worth while waiting for even if it was only a week . :biggrin: I like every thing about it but I really like the finish on the guard. As usual right on . Thanks KT


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Steve S I am not having Wade do anything else to the knife. I got the Damascus from Chad Nichols and gave it to Wade to work his magic on as he did. The handle is Walrus ivory and the hole is about 1inch. deep. KT


Nice- really like the lines and the walrus, with that guard material and damasus. A little different than your usual but can still see the "Wade" in the style.:3: