Damascus and High Carbon Steels are not food safe -- aka the Jay Fisher Rabbit Hole

Not that I disagree, but because I don't know anything about him or his past, why? His work looks excellent.
I'm a wee late in responding, but I must say that pretty much everyone else covered the bases as well or better than I ever could.
I can hardly stand to eyeball his "creations" for more time than it takes to blink, yet I can marvel for hours and hours over Scagels, Morans or Yoshiharas. Honesty, humility, true craftsmanship all go a long way...and they are worthy of emulation.
Your mileage may vary.

My Grandfather worked at General Electric in the machine shop. He made knives from used files from the GE shop! He's gone now (89 yrs old) and I still have some of the knives that he and my Grandmother (91 yrs old) used. Hi Carbon steel makes a better blade in my opinion! If you are dumb and cut up a room temperature Chicken and then cut up Lettuce for your salad than yeah I would agree with some of his assumptions. In all honesty I think all the Crap they put in the food we eat in the US would be more dangerous than a Carbon steel blade used in preparation of the meal!
who has or had the highest life expectancy in the world, until western food and stainless steels... the japanese... it has nothing to do with the steel in their kitchen knives, but rather their food and care in preparation... the carbon steel, didn't detract from that... and most of the pots we boil and fry and overheat ur food in contain even more nickel, at very high temperatures... with much more acidic and longlasting contact...