Damascus and carved blackwood gambler's bowie...

J. Doyle

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I just got this pro photo back from Coop of my recent gambler's bowie.

Forged from 1084 & 15n20 'Topo Map' Damascus
5" blade, 9 3/4" overall
Rounded spine and ricasso edge
416 stainless textured guand
Raised, rounded, coined and blued steel collar
416 stainless spacer
Carved, sculpted and textured African blackwood handle
Claude Scott sheath


Justin Presson

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John, your work is so good it makes me sick! You have great patience and skill bud. Coop did an awesome job on the photo too!

Doug Lester

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Love the sculpting on the handle, the blued collar, the blade, the whole thing. Mr. Scott made a great looking sheath for it too.


C Craft

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Not sure who Coop is but I have seen his photos before and the man is definitely a photographer. But what you gave him to photograph was an absolutely flawless piece!! You did not miss a detail about that one! The knife flows from one end to the other! Your eye just seems to be drawn from one end to the other!! I always say a knife needs a sheath and that one compliments the knife well!! Definitely two thumbs up!!


The damascus pattern getting tight right at the bolster on the spine looks amazing...fans out beautifully. All the details of this knife are perfect.


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You can tell by looking it's not going to be a "user" knife, but a show piece for display. Just John's usual GREAT WORK!

C. Killgore

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That is definitely a masterpiece. John's work is something to aspire to.

I will say that when I clicked on it, I was expecting a cross guard of some sort with bowie in the description. I guess the clip is the bowie part of it? I'm just now diving into the world of bowies.

Amazing work.

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