Damascus and Carbon Fiber


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Here is the second Pride design knife that I finished up this last weekend.

Knife Design: Pride
Open Length: 7-1/8"
Blade Length: 3"
Blade: Mike Norris Ladder Pattern Damascus
Bolsters: Anodized zirconium
Liners: Anodized 6AL4V Titanium
Spacer: Anodized zirconium
Scales: Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber
Embellishments: Dovetailed bolsters and scales, anodized titanium thumb stud, heat anodized screws, and jeweled liners.

This is definitely one of my favorite knives to have come out of my shop. Again, the pictures aren't great, but the video does a pretty good job of showing off the knife. Let me know what you all think.




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That is a beauty, love the scales and how everything comes together, each part accenting the next part.

C Craft

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Your work is most impressive! I catch myself going back for another look. It is like each component of the knife accentuates the other! Your work is most impressive indeed! Bowing to the master.jpg


The pictures show a great knife but when I watched the video it came alive. Wow. That is some fantastic work. You definitely have some skills and must have great patience for that level of detail.