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This one is for a friend that runs a blog, he likes the "trench" knife handles from WW1, Confederate side knives
but with some Viking and Bowie type blade throw in...
13" overall with 8" sharp x 2" deep made from a planner blade, forged on charcoal, edge quenched in water.
D-handle is from a mower blade with "Dragons Teeth" and a glass breaker on the back.
Wood is lightning killed wormy Maple from the Redbud forest.
Sheath is vinageroon dyed Buffalo hide put together with peened nails and some stitching.
Thongs so it can be tied to a pack.
The guard was ....interesting, it seen the heat at least fifty times..
a twist here makes there go the other way.........Randy





kevin - the professor

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interesting. I have been studying Chinese knives and swords for the last year. The blade shape on that one actually looks a lot like the shape for traditional Chinese fighting knives. The even used D guards, later. Most of them didn't have the D guard, but had a huge freakin' pommel that was just a hunk of brass or iron. It essentially made a knive on one end and a hammer on the other.

yours has that trench knife look to it. good job for your friend and what they said they wanted, for sure.

Church & Son

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Thanks Kevin...
The blade shape DID come from the Chinese..good eye... with a little Hollywood Bowie throw in...
and the D from a pic of a Trench knife that was basically a short straight sword, a German Army's Nahkampfmesser (close combat)...

Wade Hougham

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I have heard that those D guards can be quite of a challenge. It looks as though the ends justified the means. I don't know if I would have had the temperment to keep trying, at least not without a few cold drinks between attempts.:confused1::les: Wade
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Church & Son

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Thanks Wade...Guard was a *****!! It wouldn't stay put.....and I don't drink..although sometimes can't remember why I quit!!

Thanks Brother G. That maple came from the stump, just under the ground. I've got the whole stump/root ball in the barn drying...

jonathan creason

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Very cool attitude adjuster, Randy. I haven't got the nerve to attempt a D guard like that yet, and I can't forsee it anytime in the near future.


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Yes. I am getting the "Confederate D-guard Smatchet Vibe" from this piece. It is a multi-era trench knife. At home either outside Petersburg or at the Somme.

Church & Son

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Tai, I'm enjoying the new blog of yours...The silver soldering tech is great...brought the learning curve way down...Thanks