Coye/Boker collaboration: Ridgeback

Bill Coye

Knife Maker
I had the opportunity to meet the guys from Boker Germany at the recent Blade show. The Ridgeback will be in the Spring 2013 European catalog, followed 6 months later here in the U.S.


The prototype ships tomorrow!



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I heard rumor of this a few days ago. Congratulations Bill !!! Your hard work is paying off and it couldn't happen with a better example of your work. The RB is an awesome design.

Josh Dabney

Congrats Bill !

Look out now ! Betcha with the publicity your orders for "Original" Bill Coye Ridgebacks double or triple over the next year. Better stock up on steel and handle materials :)

Continued success to you !!


Rob Nelson

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Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing the final product hanging in a blister pack at my local Marine Corps Exchange!

Bill Coye

Knife Maker
Thanks guys!

Handle material and steel are still still in the dicussion phase.

Boker has done a great job with their collaborations.

Here we go!


BossDog & Owner
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Well deserved Bill. I hope you sell a million of them...


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Congratulations Bill!!!! Way to go. That is a real nice knife pattern. I hope it makes you a ton of money!


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Congrats Bill! That's a nice knife! I can't wait to see what Boker does with it!!