Could someone break it down for me?


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I have a general idea of how a bearing balisong is put together...
But I cant find a more in depth breakdown. Like... I assume the bearings are press fit into some sort of depression or bearing race... Then held in place by pressure of being sandwiched between the blade and handle?

Could someone explain or point me in the direction of how the bearings and pivot system all fits together.
Also what are the standard bearings to use and where does a person get them.

Ive seen countless bearings that claim to be for balis but theyre all vastly different... Im not sure how to choose.

Also the balis that use a standard pin pivot.
The pin that goes through the blade itself... I gather standard handle pin stock should work. After drilling the hole and inserting the pin... How does the pin stay in place? Cant really peen it... solder?
The questions you are asking really can’t be answered easily. I’ll give you a few answers to start off.

Bearings are not press fit. They are held in place by the pivot. Older Bali’s had loose ball bearings that ran in a recessed track. Loose bearings are a pain and have been largely replaced by caged bearings.

Hand made phillipino bali’s traditionally use pins that are peened in place. Almost no one else does that. They use pivot pins with screws to hold things together.

Best advice I’ll give you that you probably won’t take. Buy some cheap Bali’s and take them apart. See how they work that way.
I like to use bushing instead or bearings. As for tang pins if the hole you make is just smaller than pin you can press it in and it will stay

Most of the bearing are that sort of thing now :D