Congrats to our first $50 Supplies give-a-way WINNER !!!!!!!!!!

Josh Dabney

Sorry for the delay folks. Was at the inlaws for my wifes birthday dinner ;)

As per BossDog's well laid out instructions we do have a winner of the first $50 in supplies give-a-way

The Minnesota Pick 3 for today 11-1-2012 is 4-9-1

Last 2 numbers= 91 Too high for the number of entries
First 2 numbers= 49 Still too high
First and Last= 41 still too high
If still no winner, reverse the last 2= 19 ding ding ding we've got our winner.

Congratulations paps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the #19 entry-


A big thanks to all of our 21 contestants !!!! Consider another WIP for a November entry into the drawing.

Take care all !



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Thanks guys! And a special thanks to Tracy for the gift certificate! I am shocked since I've never won anything before. May be a good time to buy a lotto ticket :biggrin:
Phil Tham