Congrats Josh Dabney!

Josh Dabney

It's actually kinda funny Bruce.

I had 100% confidence in my knife going in so I wasn't too nervous about it. I had pre-tested the blade multiple times and did 14 2x4 chops in a row without damage as practice. I did a triple draw at high heat so I couldn't imagine a scenario where my blade broke during the bend so I wasn't worried about that either. I actually wasn't feeling nervous at all really.

That all said, I stayed up chatting with the fellas Friday night until after 1am. We were having a good old time getting to know each other as the time flew by.

Come Saturday morning I woke up around 5:40 am. First thought was Oh Gee I'm testing today so getting back to sleep for a few hours was out the window. So I got up and started drinking coffee and kept that up mostly all day long.

Not really sure what time I actually did the test but I think it was around 4 in the afternoon. Of course I was all kinds of tired and wound up on all the coffee but I was ready as I was going to get.

I caught the tip of the blade and only cut about half the rope on the first swing. Now I'm like Oh CRAP how did I miss that !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I refocused and cut the rope no sweat with the second swing.

Not really sure how it looked but it felt like I was a blind, crippled one toothed beaver trying to get through a Redwood tree on the 2x4. It usually takes me about 15 to 20 seconds to get through the 2x4 but boy was my chopping aim suffering. It must not have been too awful bad because I got through twice before Randy could get ahold of his camera. Maybe 2 minutes or a little less but it sure was feeling like it was taking 4 times longer than it should've.

I think my confidence in my knife thwarted the nerves right up to the time to begin the cutting :) At that point the nervousness was in my ability to perform not my knife's ability.

Kevin inspected and gave the go ahead for the bend. He took the edge off the blade on a 220 belt and clamped it up in the vise.

I was still calming down from the cutting but the bend went without issue. The blade took a nice curved set with no kinking or folding at the handle or near the vice so It went well.

So was I nervous ? Not at all... EXCEPT for the 3 minutes worth of cutting in which case I was a wreck :)

I was stoked to get the opportunity to test with Kevin !

Good Times :1971_dancing_dog:


C Craft

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Congrats you ole Devil. I am jealous I remember seeing your name right after I decided to give this knifemaking a go. You were talking Wick when I meant you, and now here you are testing and passing with flying colors!:35:

Now tell the truth when you made the first cut and it only partially cut through the rope, I will bet you looked about a dog trying to pass a peach seed! Kinda like our little friend here :s7435:

:s12137: For real congrats I am proud of you man!

Bruce Bump

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Josh, I too remember being a little nervous during the cutting. I felt so good to see the thumbs up after the cutting was done though because it only takes one tiny little chip or roll on the edge to get the thumbs down. Bending the knife was my favorite part as I was sure it would do that fine.

I tested David Roader and Tom Morris a few weeks ago and their knives passed too. I did however give them a lesson on sharpening before we started. I cant stress enough that the makers have a master smith help them with this journey. This is a pretty big deal as some makers drive a long way to take the test and if a "fail" report goes to the ABS office it takes 6 months wait to try again.